Loren Hsiao, CLU®

Managing Director


Meet Loren Hsiao, CLU®

Loren Hsiao, CLU®, grew up in Plano, Texas and is a graduate of Plano Senior High School.  He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Business Marketing and was active in Beta Upsilon Chi (Brothers Under Christ), the nation's largest Christian fraternity, while in college.

Loren and his wife Stephanie Hsiao live in Allen, Texas.  They have three children, Aidan, Caleb and Abby Claire.  While Loren's favorite pastime is spending the day with his family, he does enjoy other outside interests such as basketball, racquetball and tennis.

Loren and Stephanie are active members of Allen Bible Church and support several philanthropic organizations.  Learn more about Loren's commitment to philanthropy on his Community Involvement page.

Loren supports his home state of Texas by being an avid fan of the Dallas Mavericks, the Texas Rangers and the Dallas Cowboys. He also enjoys coaching his son Aidan's t-ball team.  His wife Stephanie stays busy with the three children and relishes in her role as a stay-at-home mom.

The Hsiao Family (left-to-right front) Abby Claire, Caleb, and Aidan, along with their parents Loren and Stephanie Hsiao  



Loren Hsiao Applies Life Lessons Learned from his Father

Loren Hsiao, CLU®, has built his office culture around the acronym F.A.C.E.S., which stands for family, accountability, conviction, excellence and support.  It is what he asks of his staff and in turn, it is what his staff can count on from him.

While he has been able to set the standard for an outstanding work culture through the visual that the F.A.C.E.S. acronym represents, his own standard for professional growth, work ethic and even his entrepreneurial streak, were formed by another face –  that of his father David Hsiao.

“My parents are immigrants from Taiwan, in fact my father came here as a graduate student, not knowing anyone, not being able to speak English and leaving my mom behind when they were just newlyweds,” Loren Hsiao said with amazement.

The decision to make such a drastic change from their homeland in Taiwan where David and Jenny Hsiao first met, was because of David’s strong desire to give his wife and future family the very best that he could give them.  In order to obtain such a lofty goal, he knew his future rested in the United States.

“Landing in Lubbock, Texas was a bit of a culture shock for my dad,” Loren Hsiao said. “Fortunately, his graduate advisor at Texas Tech, Dr. Leland Tribble, embraced him like his own son and showed him the ropes. He told my dad that when he wasn’t in class, that my dad should follow him everywhere, and he did just that.”

Because of that friendship and fatherly support that David Hsiao received, he soon acclimated, learned English well and decided on a graduate program in engineering.  Soon the year requirement for spouses to immigrate was over and his wife was able to join him in Lubbock.

“And as things often happen, I was born nine months later,” laughed Loren Hsiao. “I was a bit of a surprise to say the least and they were not quite ready for me.”

David Hsiao knew that in order to provide for his new family, he would have to take on extra work outside of his classes.  That extra work took the form of three part-time jobs, causing him to race home from class, wolf down a quick meal, nap briefly and then head back out the door for his next job.

“He could never recharge himself to 100%, there just wasn’t enough time in the day,” Loren Hsiao said.

The impact of the sacrifice his father made for him was particularly poignant, when one day Loren asked his dad to stay and play with him.

“My dad said he couldn’t because he had to go earn money for us. In Mandarin, the word “earn” is a homophone for “spin,” which looks and sounds very similar. When I heard him say that, I physically spun my body around to show him that I could do that for him, so he could stay home with me,” Loren Hsiao said.

As his father watched his son spinning around, David Hsiao saw that his son simply couldn’t realize how important his sacrifice of time was to the family. In turn, Loren Hsiao still remembers that moment as it has become a symbol of his commitment to becoming an entrepreneur.

“My dad gave up everything for my family – his homeland, his friends, and his time,” Loren Hsiao said.  “He never had the privileges we had and he wanted us to have every opportunity available to us. He was able to pay for my college education and my two brothers’ as well.  Who graduates with zero student loans? We did and it was because of my dad’s sacrifices.”

The sacrifice of David Hsiao’s time away from his family is greatly appreciated by his son and he now incorporates that sacrificial giving mentality in his own work, but thankfully due to his choice to work for himself, he has more flexibility than his dad did so many years ago.

“Whenever I think about my time as a commodity, I think about my dad watching me spin in circles,” Loren Hsiao said. “What would it look like for me to put myself in an uncomfortable position to make another person’s life better? My time is my currency and I want to spend it well, making an impact in the lives of others, whether it is my clients, my financial representatives, my friends or my family.”

Loren Hsiao is thankful that he was able to find a career with Northwestern Mutual, so he could be his own boss, but still be able to give to others through coaching in his Managing Director’s position or working with clients as their financial advisor.  He is thankful too that his dad taught him the importance of sacrifice and the ability to seek out challenging opportunities.

“My dad knew that our family’s opportunity was in the United States and his decision paid off. As a Mandarin-speaking engineer back when the doors of the Asian markets flew open, he became invaluable to his company,” Loren Hsiao said.  “I knew that my own opportunities could be made through hard work, just like my dad, but that I also wanted the freedom that entrepreneurship brings.  Because of his example, I have been able to achieve both.”


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